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Posted by   DePaS
The Spring is here, and it's time to start a quick one day 3v3 CA cup.

Date for this event is set for Saturday 15:00 CEST, 4 april 2015, so all teams should make sure to signup for cup as soon as possible. Remember that the check in begin 1 hour before.


There are few things new players should make sure to remember when applying for ESH cups:
1. All players should double check if their PlayerId/GUID is entered for Quake Live (which is your QL nick in-game) under the Edit profile>PlayerIds.
2. Clan leaders, after creating clan, must create squad and add players from clan to that particular squad.

Failure to follow any of these instructions will result in your team not being able to join the tournament.
If further help is needed contact admin(s) on #esh.ql @ quakenet.

Tournament Details:

Gametype: 3v3 CA
Format: Double elimination Bo3
Maximum teams: 16 (additional teams can sub if some teams are missing at check-in)
Start: Saturday 4 april 2015 at 15:00 cest
Check-in: Saturday 4 april 2015 at 14:00 cest - How to check-in
Requirements: 2 Premium or 1 Pro accounts per team
Admin(s): Depas
Rules: Click here
Signup: Click here
IRC: #esh.ql


Saturday 4 april 2015:

Round 1 - 15:15 cest
Quarterfinals and LB 1 - 15:45 cest
Semifinals and LB 2 - 16:30 cest
Finals and LB finals - 17:15 cest
Grand finale - 18:15 cest
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