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Posted by   Damage
The brackets are live!! Your games can be found HERE although several teams have byes for the first round due to the tournament not having an full number. Feel free to play your next round games early if both teams are available and agree as the tournament progresses.

Please place all results in the match comments for them to be updated.

The Admin Team
Posted by   Damage

We will release the brackets 15 minutes before the games start tonight. The games will be starting at the normal time, however should it be required to drop a round from the brackets, it will be removed from the end of the tournament.

Please keep an eye out for your games and bear in mind that due to the tournament not being completely full there may well be some byes through to the next round also.


All communication will go through the matchpage, which you can easily find here

I will use each matchpage as a reference to see if a team showed up or not,
so make sure you post on your matchpage.

Please also don't panic if a team doesn't show and you don't get your win within 20min, there is plenty of time before the next round.
With a shift in days for this installment of the ESH Community Series, we have decided to run the tournament on a Sunday as opposed to the usual Wednesday. This is to see whether we can further increase the sign ups as well as allow for more time to run the tournament due to less commitments (work / education) down to Sunday being a day of rest and all.

Now you have no excuses, go get signed up and we will see you on Sunday for some hot DOTA 2 action!

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Tournament Details

Maximum Teams: 16
Signups open: 3rd of March
Signups close: Sunday the 8th of March
Start date: Sunday the 8th of March
End date: Sunday the 8th of March
Format: BO1 Single Elimination with BO3 finals
Admins: Damage
Rules: Click here
Sign-up: Click Here - You must be registered to the site, have created/joined your respective team and then formed a 5 man squad within that team to join this tournament.
Brackets: Click here


o 1st place: 5x €20 Gift Cards


Round 1 (16) : Sunday the 8th of March
18:00 GMT/19:00 CET - BO1

Round 2 (8) : Sunday the 8th of March
19:00 GMT/20:00 CET - BO1

Round 3 (4) : Sunday the 8th of March
20:00 GMT/21:00 CET - BO1

Round 4 (2) : Sunday the 8th of March
21:00 GMT/22:00 CET - BO3
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