Posted by   Freekje on 19:34:59 19th July 2011 CEST
News: HoN

Hello Heroes !

We are proud to announce our first Heroes of Newerth tournament on

This is a 5on5 sponsored by S2 Games & SteelSeries with a prizepool of $2000 !
There are 128 teams allowed and tournament will be played over several weeks.
The tournament will start on 2nd August
There will be 2 groupstages and the top-2 advances to the 2nd round.

The head admin will be Freekje

The prizesupport: $2000 and SteelSeries HoN Edition Mousepads
divided over the top-3 teams !
1ste prize: $1250 + 5x SteelSeries HoN Edition Mousepads
2nd prize: $500 + 5x SteelSeries HoN Edition Mousepads
3rd prize: $250 + 5x SteelSeries HoN Edition Mousepads

Signups Open: 19th of July 2011
Signups Close: 1st of August 2011

We would like to thank S2 Games & SteelSeries for this great cup.

Tournament Details:

Cup page: Click here
Gametype: 5vs5
Maximum teams: 128
Signups: 19th July - 1st August August
Start: 2nd August 2011 at 20:00 cest
Format: 32x 4 groups into Double elimination playoff
Admins: Freekje
Rules: Click here
Signup: Click here
HoN ONW Over! (3 comments)

Posted by Viazu on 00:09:50 26th February 2010 CET
News: HoN

The Heroes of Newerth One Night Wonder cup is over, with Button Bashers proving to be to strongest team in Newerth out of the 16 that competed.

In a great run to the finals, Button Bashers took out HAUSEN (ex-MYU) and Unique Esports in the final, were Kay, quite possibly the mvp of the final dominated with the hero 'SwiftBlade'

Commiserations to Unique Esports, who couldn't quite step up to the level Button Bashers was on but still gave a stellar performance. We look forward to seeing both teams back for the next ONW cup, coming soon.
First HoN ONW Tonight (0 comments)

Posted by dfb on 13:22:46 25th February 2010 CET
News: HoN

With the tournament nearly filled up we will have the first HoN ONW tonight! Stay tuned or check the competition page for more info, brackets and such:
HoN ONW Moved (0 comments)

Posted by Viazu on 17:47:13 19th February 2010 CET
News: HoN

Due to lack of sign-ups and the short amount of time we gave teams to sign-up the Heroes of Newerth One Night Wonder cup has been moved forward to Thursday the 25th of February

Posted by Viazu on 00:04:16 16th February 2010 CET
News: HoN

I am pleased to announce the first Heroes of Newerth One Night Wonder cup, hosted by Esports Heaven. These cups are just like the One Night Wonder cups for other games and they will consist of 16 teams.

We will be hosting the HoN One Night Wonder on Thursday 25th Febuary

The cup will be open to any teams willing to participate and a team must have 5 players to be able to sign up.

The 2 admins for the cup will be:

Adam "Viazu" Cooper
Dennis "DENNN" Van Esser

If you have any problems at all feel free to contact us at #esportsheaven @ quakenet. We will be under the nicknames Validus`Viazu and DENNN

So sign up and we will hopefully see you on Thursday night!