CS Promod ONW ! (1 comments)

Posted by   Freekje on 23:41:40 2nd February 2010 CET
News: CSP

Today we announce the first One Night Wonder cup for the brand new CSPromod.

8 (or 16!)teams will battle it out on Wednesday who becomes the first One Night Wonder in CSPromod.

Schedule will look as following :

03/02/10 20:00CET de_dust2
03/02/10 21:00CET de_inferno
03/02/10 22:00CET de_nuke

After reading the rules [b][url=http://www.esportsheaven.net/?page=tournament&action=view&tournament_id=81&content_id=340]here[/url][/b] you can sign [b][url=http://www.esportsheaven.net/?page=tournament&action=signup_team&tournament_id=81]here[/url][/b] !