Posted by   Crasp on 13:52:12 17th March 2012 CET
News: TF2

Today we are glad to announce another Team Fortress 2 prize cup in association with Western Digital. They will be providing 5 of the newest SATA hard disks equipped with a 32MB cache and running at an amazing 10,000RPM. Not only will they be providing these unrivalled puppies, they will also be providing €250 for the winner!

For the Velociraptor Challenge we have decided to do something a little different. The format of this cup will be 5 vs 5, classlimit 1 for ALL classes. As for unlocks? Well, ALL unlocks are allowed! Go nuts with them! As for maps? It's KotH time, all the time!

Hopefully with the unlocks and the excellent prizes we will be able to fill the 64 slots for this tournament. Remember - you only have no chance of winning if you don't sign up!

Tournament Details
Maximum teams: 64
Sign-ups: 16th March - 1st April
Date: 2 April - 6 May
Format: Double-elimination Cup, 5v5, Class Limit 1
Admins: Crasp, CanFo, huhy
Sponsors: Western Digital
Prizes: 1st place : 5x 300GB SATA HDD's and €250 cash
Rules: [link]
Sign up: [link]
IRC: #esportsheaven (on


Week 1: Monday 2/04:
20:00 CEST UB Round 1 (koth_harvest_final)
20:45 CEST UB Round 2 + LB Round 1 (koth_nucleus)
21:30 CEST UB Round 3 + LB Round 2 (koth_sawmill)

Week 2: Monday 09/04:
20:00 CEST LB Round 3 (koth_harvest_final)
20:45 CEST LB Round 4 + UB Round 4 (koth_badlands)
21:30 CEST LB Round 5 + UB Round 5 (koth_viaduct)

Week 3: Monday 16/04:
20:00 CEST LB Round 6 (koth_nucleus)
20:45 CEST LB Round 7 (koth_sawmill)
21:30 CEST LB Round 8 (koth_badlands)
21:00 CET UB final (Best of 3) (teams pick maps*)

Week 4: Monday 23/04:
20:00 CEST LB Round 9 (koth_viaduct)
21:15 CEST LB Final (Best of 3) (teams pick maps*)

Week 5: Monday 30/04:
21:15 CEST Grand Final (1-2 maps, team from UB can lose 1 map, team from LB can't) (teams pick maps, team from LB can choose to pick first)

* The current ESH mappool is: koth_harvest_final, koth_badlands, koth_viaduct, koth_nucleus, koth_sawmill

Posted by   Crasp on 23:14:07 23rd November 2011 CET
News: TF2

The Sapphire TF2 Challenge has ended after an entertaining final between Relic and Epsilon Esports.

The first map (cp_badlands) was an incredibly close affair, with an audacious double-spy tactic giving Epsilon the deciding point with 13 seconds to spare. Granary started closely but as time passed Epsilon kept their heads on and won the second map with a final score of 7-2.

Congratulations to both teams and to Infused.Tt on winning their prizes:

1st. Epsilon Esports - £300
2nd. Relic - £150
3rd. Infused.Tt - £50

Many thanks to all 32 teams who took part for making this cup happen. Stay tuned for another exciting TF2 cup on ESH soon!

Posted by   Crasp on 00:03:31 27th October 2011 CEST
News: TF2

We're happy to announce another TF2 Cup, this time with a total prize pool of £500!

Tournament Details
Maximum teams: 64
Date: Tuesday 8th November - Sunday 20th November
Format: Single-elimination Cup
Admins: Crasp
Sponsors: Sapphire
Prizes: £300 for 1st, £150 for 2nd and £50 for 3rd
Rules: [link]
Sign up: [link]
IRC: #esportsheaven (on


Day 1: Tuesday 08/11:
20:00 CET Round 1 (cp_gullywash_final1)
20:45 CET Round 2 (cp_gravelpit)

Day 2: Thursday 10/11:
20:00 CET Round 3 (cp_obscure_remake_rc1)
20:45 CET Quarter Finals (cp_snakewater)

Day 3: Sunday 13/11:
21:15 CET Semi Finals (best of 3, teams pick maps)*

Week beginning Monday 14/11:
Third-place Playoff (best of 3, teams pick maps)*
Final (best of 3, teams pick maps)*

* The current ESH mappool is: cp_granary, cp_badlands, cp_gullywash_final1, cp_gravelpit, cp_obscure_remake_rc1, cp_snakewater.

Posted by   Crasp on 16:18:50 16th April 2011 CEST
News: TF2

Hi and welcome to another great event for TF2!

Tt eSPORTS and have generously put up a first prize of $500, with the runners up each receiving a pair of Isuruz headphones!

This cup promises to be entertainment for all, as we are also working with TF2TV to create quite a spectacle, with players not the only ones with a chance of winning!

Signups are open now, with the tournament commencing on May 3rd. Please check the tournament page for more details on rules, maps, dates and times.

Further information on the whole event can be found here. Have fun!

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 18:39:57 20th March 2011 CET
News: TF2

Last Tuesday, the 8 remaining teams started another round of matches. After the quarter finals, we had our 4 semi-finalists: Europe Princess vs Netherlands FakkelBrigade and Europe TCM vs Finland Power Gaming.

It will come as no surprise to most that FB won from Princess in 2 maps rather easily in the first semi-final match. In the other match, TCM managed to defeat Power in 2 maps as well, which is impressive considering their relatively new roster.

This leaves us with 2 matches to be played: The finals and the bronze match for 3rd place.

The bronze match between Princess and Power Gaming will be played Monday 21 March at 21:00 CET. The winner of this match will receive €100.

The Finals, between FakkelBrigade and TCM will be played Tuesday 22 March. The winner of this match will receive €600, the loser will receive €300, all provided by Full Tilt Poker.

Don't miss it!

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 23:46:49 13th March 2011 CET
News: TF2

The first day of the Team Fortress 2 Rush Poker Challenge is over. The playing field has been narrowed down from 60 to to 8 teams. These 8 teams will do battle coming Tuesday for the prize pot of €1.000. But before we get to that, let's take a look at what happened today.

Round 1 - Granary
The first round was kicked off at 20:00 CET. It went without noticeable results, as was expected those teams that were supposed to win did do just that, but it was a nice map to get going.

Round 2 - Gullywash
We continued on the newest version of cp_gullywash. Some interesting results were to be seen in this round. The relatively newcomers of Russia Princess secured a victory against the Spain Giants, showing they're definately not to be underestimated. In another match Europe Knights disposed of Greece Refuse, formerly from ETF2L's premier division, with an easy-looking 4-1 score.

Round 3 - Turbine pro
This is where things got interesting. The recently re-introduced map Turbine turned out to be quite a shocker. First match: Europe Epsilon eSports vs Russia Princess (again, they seem to be on a roll here) The female royalty outdid themselves when setting aside the Epsilon superstars. But that was not the only upset. Another top-3 team, Germany Button Bashers lost from the recently resurrected Europe TCM-Gaming with 2-1. In a third match, prem team Europe YoYoTech lost to United Kingdom Infused.

One can only wonder why all these top teams went down. Maybe lack of practice on a new map, maybe bad luck, who knows. There's a whole turbine filled season ahead in the main leagues to find out if this was just a lucky streak.

Day 2 - Tuesday the 15th
On Tuesday, we'll see some top-notch action with 8 teams fighting over the €1000 prizepot. Already tournament superstars Russia Princess will meet Ukraine Eternity. Other matches include teams like Finland Power Gaming, Netherlands Fakkelbrigade and Europe TCM-Gaming.
TF2 TV have already said they will try to cover some of these matches if possible. So with this incredible line-up of top teams and upcoming talent, and TF2TV's coverage, Tuesday is going to be an action packed TF2 day. Don't miss it!

And remember: Play online poker with the pros at Full Tilt Poker

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 20:44:43 1st March 2011 CET
News: TF2

Hello again! Those of you who have been paying attention to this website have undoubtedly seen the announcement of our new partner, Full Tilt Poker launching a series of so called Rush Poker Challenges. That announcement briefly mentioned TF2. Well, it's time to deliver on that promise!

Signups are now open for the TF2 Rush Poker Challenge. There is a prize pot of no less that €1000, to be divided by the top 3 teams. The tournament has place for 64 teams, so invite all your friends! Most of the action will be going down Sunday the 13th, and Tuesday the 15th of March, so keep those days open in your agenda.

We'll be playing a mix of well-known maps, with the "somewhat vanilla" unlock ruleset we introduced at our last ONW cup. (Just read the rules page if you're confused ;))

For all the details on how to sign up, to read all the rules and anything else your heart desires, visit the tournament page right here. Signups are now open.

P.S.: Want to know what Rush Poker stands for? You can always ask mvp, our local pokerstar, but it might be faster to see it at the Full Tilt Rush-Poker website.

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 00:17:52 4th February 2011 CET
News: TF2

This evening, we saw ONW #7, featuring ctf_turbine_pro, take place here at Esports Heaven.

Low bracket
In the low bracket, Europe Spam Effect ended first, after defeating Croatia Guru Gaming and Russia Versus. Well done to them.

High bracket
In the high bracket, it was Europe Monster Munch who ended first after a breathtaking final against Europe Team YoYoTech, which even took a golden round to decide the winner. Congratulations to the guys of Monster Munch!

Overall I have seen a lot of awesome games, all fast-paced and full of action. This format does really do turbine justice. If you want to leave your own feedback on the map, you can do so here on ETF2L.

Thanks to all teams for participating, and to TF2 TV, for being with us the entire evening, right up to the finals. They have casted no less than 5 matches, ensuring all spectators were sufficiently entertained. I enjoyed it, I'm sure others did as well.

Till next time!

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 22:57:45 26th January 2011 CET
News: TF2

Welcome to the 7th Esports Heaven TF2 One Night Wonder, featuring ctf_turbine_pro_b1.

This cup, will take place next Thursday, the 3rd of February. There will be place for 32 teams. We will place the teams in 2 separate 16-team brackets (LOW and HIGH, divided by skill) The first round starts at 20:00 CET sharp.

The cup's two notable features are as follows:

1) ctf_turbine_pro_b1: I've always liked turbine personally, and now there's a new version! With Wireplay using this map in their league rotation, now is an excellent time to get acquainted with the map. We will play it with 3 sub-rounds of 10 minutes each.

2) Vanilla mode
We will also try out vanilla-mode TF2. Instead of allowing most weapons and banning a few, we're banning most unlockable weapons and allowing a few.

For full details on the new rules, and all other details for this cup , please read the tournament page and the rules page.

Signups are now open, so if your team has a free evening on Thursday the 3rd, and you're interested in this new map, don't hesitate to sign up!

[Tournament page, with all the details]

Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 22:01:05 17th December 2010 CET
News: TF2

Last Wednesday Europe Epsilon eSports won the Roccat Kone[+] challenge from Finland Power Gaming. In the grand final Epsilon beat Power with a convincing 6-1 victory. As Epsilon already beat Power Gaming in the UB final, they only needed to win that one map in order to claim victory.

The final standings are as follows:

1st Europe Epsilon eSports (500 pounds)
2nd Finland Power Gaming (6x Roccat Kone[+])
3rd Europe Team Dignitas (6x Roccat Apuri)

Congratulations to the prize winners! Thanks go out to our sponsor, Roccat and all other participants.

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