Posted by eyjohn on 22:40:22 22nd February 2010 CET
News: ET

Esports Heaven in co-operation with YCN Hosting is proud to announce the Esports Heaven - Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - One Night Wonder Tournament.

This will be the first of many tournaments that Esports Heaven will be running for ET. Over the next few month we plan to bring more Publicity and Funding into the ET community.

This tournament will be scheduled for Wednesday the 24th of February and all matches will be played between 18:30 GMT and 23:00GMT. The tournament will be a Single Elimination bracket consist of either 8 or 16 Teams depending on how many teams apply.

We will be offering a prize of Full YCN Hosting Internet Support for the winning team. This includes Game Servers, Web Hosting, Voice Hosting, Bouncers and/or anything else a Team or Organisation would ever need.

If you have any further question please contact:
United Kingdom EYJohn
United Kingdom msh100
Estonia Edgar

Please read the rules here

How To Apply?
Before you apply you need to make sure that ALL of the players are registered on Esports Heaven and that you have added them to your Clan AND to your Competing Squad (more information can be found in the FAQ section)

Applications Will close at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday the 24th of Feb, or when 16 Teams have applied


Round 1 - 3 will be played on the following maps:
Round 1: Supply
Round 2: Goldrush
Round 3: Radar

If a decider is needed then cointoss will decide what team chooses the next map, the next map must be from the map pool provided below.

The finals will be played as Best of 3 using the following Map Pool:

Map Pool

Click Here to Apply

Posted by dfb on 19:52:55 5th October 2009 CEST
News: ET

Yesterday we saw the final of the Steelseries ET Challenge. After a long and heavy battle of nearly a full month, found themselves in the finals against Glitz. took the win in a comfortable way, winning 4-0 and thus taking home the prizes. They will have 6x Steelseries Ikari Laser to boost and can proudly call themselves the champions of this Esports Heaven tournament.

Posted by ycnstarzi on 15:27:44 1st September 2009 CEST
News: ET

The seedings have been locked and the Steelseries ET Challenge has now officially begun. The first round of matches must be completed by the end of Thursday the 3rd of September.
All matches can be spectated using ETTV and the IP’s can be found on

After a community poll on it was clear the community wanted a cup with no anti-cheat involved - so we listened. Therefore this cup will NOT be running an anti-cheat.

The first games have been played and with plenty more action to come this is going to be a fun thrilling action packed cup.
May the best team win!

Please contact the administrators of this cup, either me (Jonathan Anastasi) or Evgeny Yakimov (eyjohn) as soon as possible.

Posted by ESH-Adam on 23:49:59 31st July 2009 CEST
News: ET

eSports Heaven are proud to announce a brand new ET Cup! Delivered to you by YCN's finest, Starzi. The cup boasts prizes courtesy of SteelSeries and will be a tester cup as a result of the latest poll on Crossfire to test online competition without PunkBuster (Antipro might be used if ready in time) - Signups will be approved by Starzi to vet random hackers!

The cup is open to 16 teams and will be played through the following dates:

Start Week 24th of August
Playday 2 24/25 - Match one (leaving 2 days for players to arrange a time to play
Playday 3 26/27- Match two
Playday 4. 29/30 - Match Three
Final TBA

YCN Hosting will be providing gameservers for match play throughout the tournament


First Place - 6 x SteelSeries Ikari Optical
Second Place 6 x SteelSeries QcK Heavy
Third Place 6 x SteelSeries QcK Mass

If you would like to see further details please Click Here