Posted by   Way2Random on 19:05:11 20th February 2012 CET
News: LoL

Corsair has announced, in cooperation with Esports Heaven, their first venture into the world of League of Legends. The best part? A massive $10,000 prize purse.

After a very successful Call of Duty 4 tournament, the good people of Corsair felt the urge to provide a different game style with the same chances as their FPS-enthusiasts. So just like CoD4 we are asking everyone to spread the word, start training, start signing up and prepare for some fiercely fought matches.

This cup will again feature a maximum of 256 teams and will start off with a group stage. Throughout the group stage, Best of 1 will be played. We'll have 64 groups each having 4 teams, the top two of each group will progress into the playoffs. The playoffs will consist of 128 teams and will be double elimination.

The tournament will take place on EU-West accounts only, though the tournament is not limited to players from West Europe.
More information will soon be placed on, make sure to read up on all the new content.

This website is completely linked with the Esports Heaven database. You can log in using your Esports Heaven account information and there is no need for you to create a new team or entity if you are already signed up to Esports Heaven! We do ask teams to register to the Esportsheaven website prior to the opening of the tournament sign-up.

The information about the tournament is as follows:

Maximum teams: 256
Signups open: 20th of February 2012 Click here
Signups close: 6th of March 2012
Start date: 12th of March 2012
End date: 27th April 2012
Format: Groups + Playoffs
Head admin: David Segers
Team communicator: Sam Millen
Articles & Coverage crew: Jeroen Vercauter & James Weller
IRC: #esportsheaven
League of Legends users to add for ingame support:
ESHadmin / ESH admin
ESHcrew/ ESH crew

How to guide

Vengeance facebook


1st place - $6000
2nd place - $3000
3rd place - $1000

The information about the groupstage:

Groupstage Match#1: 14 March 2012 DEADLINE 23:00GMT+1
G1-S1 vs G1-S4
G1-S2 vs G1-S3

Groupstage Match#1: 17 March 2012 DEADLINE 23:00GMT+1
G1-S1 vs G1-S3
G1-S2 vs G1-S4

Groupstage Match#1: 21 March 2012 DEADLINE 23:00GMT+1
G1-S1 vs G1-S2
G1-S3 vs G1-S4

The information about bracket:


Round 1: 24 March 2012
23:00 CET DEADLINE: Bo3 126 -> 64

Round 2: 27 March 2012
23:00 CET DEADLINE: Bo3 64 -> 32

Round 3: 4 April 2012 DEADLINE
23:00 CET DEADLINE: Bo3 32 -> 16

DOUBLE ELIMINATION 16 -> Grand final

Round 1: 14 April
23:00 CET DEADLINE: W1(16) + W2(8)L1(8)

Round 2: 17 April 2012
23:00 CET DEADLINE: W3(4)L2(8) + W4(2)L3(4)

Round 3: 21 April 2012
23:00 CET DEADLINE: L4(4) + L5(2)

Round 4: 24 April 2012
23:00 CET DEADLINE: L6(2)

Round 5: 27 April 2012
20:00 CET:Grand Final UB Winner vs LB Winner Bo3