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Posted by dfb on 08:46:20 31st October 2011 CET
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We are proud to announce yet another Call of Duty 4 competition, the ARCTIC Challenge. ARCTIC is proud to provide a cash prize purse of €250 for this tournament and spices up this prize pool with over €600 worth of hardware! ARCTIC is a manufacturer of various top notch hardware, including but not limited to cooling fans, headsets, mice and much more. Make sure you go to the ARCTIC Facebook page, click on like and leave them a friendly message on their wall, as we will be giving away a P311 headset to a random person who does. Read more about this extra Facebook competition below.

1st place: €250 + 5x P311 Stereo Bluetooth Headset + 5x ARCTIC M571 Mouse + 5x ARCTIC Hub
2nd place: 5x P301 Headset + 5x ARCTIC M551 Mouse
3rd place: 5x ARCTIC NC fan + 5x P201 Headset

This tournament will be slightly different, as we will be using the Esports Heaven 5vs5 S&D League to determine the 16 teams that are allowed to participate. The setup is very easy, all you have to do is participate and play in the 5vs5 Call of Duty S&D League and if you are one of the top 16 teams at 24:00 CET on the 22nd of November, you will get seeded into the single elimination playoff bracket and you will have a chance to win some of the prizes.

1. Sign up to play in the 5vs5 Call of Duty 4 S&D League
2. Challenge other teams to play against you when YOU have the time to play
3. Enter the scores and go up in the ranking
4. If you are in the top 16 on the 22nd of November you will be seeded into the 16 team single elimination playoff bracket


Qualification League - 31st October until 22nd November
You can qualify for this invite only competition by securing one of the top 16 positions in the overall Call of Duty 4 - 5vs5 S&D league here on Esports Heaven. The top 16 teams will be invited for the Single Elimination playoff bracket, and their seeding will be done based on the ranking achieved in the league. This means that the number one team will also be seeded first and this goes down until the 16th team, who will obviously be seeded 16th.

Round 1 + Quarter Finals: Thursday 24th November
20:00 CET - VETO BO1
21:00 CET - VETO BO1

Semi Finals: Sunday 27th November
20:00 CET - VETO BO3

Grand Final: Tuesday 29th November
20:00 CET - VETO BO3

Facebook competition

ARCTIC are also running a small Facebook competition, especially for all Esports Heaven players and teams. You now have a chance to win a P311 Bluetooth headset and it is very easy to enter. All you have to do is go to the ARCTIC Facebook page, click like and put the following sentence on their Facebook wall:
"Thanks ARCTIC for a very cool Esports Heaven tournament!"
We will randomly pick a winner and ship them their prize.

Additional rules

Any form of deliberate match forging will be dealt with extra hard. This includes, but isn't limited to:
* Fake matches
* Withholding results to improve ranking


All matches played on Esports Heaven, TZAC MUST be used at all times. Please see the follow steps in order to play with TZAC.

How to run TZAC:

1)Register on this TZAC site -
2) Activate the account
3) Copy your unique TZAC ID and paste it in the TZAC ID box on your Esports Heaven profile
4) Go to the downloads section on top of the site and download the Windows client
5) Find the "TZAC - COD4" shortcut in start -> programs -> TZAC ANTICHEAT
6) Enter your username and password
7) Press the login button
8) Press the Browse button and locate iw3mp.exe in your COD4 install dir
9) Enter the match ID from the Esports Heaven match URL into the match id field on TZAC
*A quick and easy way of finding the Match ID would be to go to the Results page. Find your team vs opponent and click "Upcoming" next to it. The Match ID will be the number in the URL.
10) Press the Start the game button
Finland LAREEEE on 12:19:17 11th November 2011 CET

for some reason i cant challenge anyone even thought my team is in the ladder with a cod4 squad, then if i try to signup my team to the ladder it says we dont have a squad blabla