Posted by tomzki on 17:01:17 16th September 2011 CEST
News: COD4

Yes that's right, ANEXIS win yet another tournament. The currernt #1 team ANEXIS took on LowLandLions in the grand final. The final took place on mp_strike and mp_backlot however LowLandLions were no push over as they managed to take 1 map from the current #1 team, winning 13-11 on mp_strike. As expected though, Backlot was played and those that follow the CoD4 scene know that ANEXIS steam roll pretty much anyone they come up against. To keep it short & sweet, a very convincing ANEXIS take the win by defeating LowLandLions 13-3 as they only needed one map to win the ROCCAT Isku Challenge.

ANEXIS - 5x ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboards, 5x ROCCAT Kulo 7.1 USB Headsets
LowLandLions - 5x ROCCAT Kone[+] Mice, 5x ROCCAT Apuri USB Hubs / Mouse Bungees
Phantasmagoria - 5x ROCCAT Kulo Stereo Headsets

Congratulations to ANEXIS and of course, LowLandLions and Phantasmagoria for getting this far. For those that want to watch the final, the VOD is up and can be seen here:
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Bahamas aNx on 21:58:19 29th December 2011 CET