Posted by tomzki on 18:37:06 13th September 2011 CEST
News: COD4

Over the past few months Tom "tomzki" Churchman has been working quietly behind the scenes to get full league and ladder functionality on Esports Heaven. Now, after the conclusion of the 2v2 Test League the website is now opening its doors to a whole host of competitive activity...

Esports Heaven has over the years become well known for its action packed cups brimming with prizes to suit every competitive players need. Now, armed with years of experience the site has decided to branch out creating a new league and ladder system for its user base to enjoy. With the testing phase almost out the way with the conclusion of the 2v2 Test league the website is ready to launch a whole host of competitive outlets for you to enjoy, and you get to decide what you want to play in!

The public test phase was not without glory, the winning team found themselves the reciprocates of a Razer Abyssus each, with the team of "Fit's" taking home the gold. Alongside the tournament a competition for the best suggestion ran in parrallell, with none other than Miguel "m1guel" Marques, a team member of Fit's taking away yet another prize, a Razer Goliathus. To see his suggestion please click here.

Onto more recent events the grand opening of the first ever Esports Heaven 5v5 League is just moments away from the time of writing this post, with a poll opening up in just a few weeks to see what else people wish to compete in. So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Esports Heaven for all your competitive needs this following winter!

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ESH COD4 5vs5 League Opens
Sweden Tjet on 15:27:14 14th September 2011 CEST

league = ladder?

Portugal Grasher on 18:37:16 14th September 2011 CEST