Posted by dfb on 18:26:44 8th August 2011 CEST
News: COD4

Esports Heaven is rolling out some new features but before we go all out and start splashing the cash we would like to get some feedback from the community to make our new features even better. That is why we are rolling out a 2vs2 test league for Call of Duty 4. This test league is aimed at giving us feedback about the league system we have developed and making sure that we can make the required changes before we launch this feature fully.

You can find the 2vs2 COD4 Test League right here

This will be a public testing phase that will run until August 31st 2011

We will use this testing phase to gather feedback from the community and remove bugs. This will allow us to provide the community with a better league system.

To make suggestions to the system or report bugs (and thus have a chance at winning a prize), please visit the suggestion thread

Here is a little bit of information on the league system:

* The current league system is an open 2vs2 S&D league for Call of Duty 4, once rolled out we will obviously have more leagues and more formats available
* We will be using an ELO-based system and teams start with 1,000 points
* Currently any challenges are automatically accepted after 2 days if not declined or if no response is given by the challenged team. This timing can be altered if needed by the league admins.
* When you first enter a league, you are in your introduction period. You only receive half points for winning/losing in the first three matches.
* A team receives a certain amount of wildcards with which they can refuse matches for no particular reason. The number of wildcards is limited and is reset after a certain date.

The top team in the league on the 31st of August will receive a Razer Abyssus each.

The best suggestion and/or bug fix will receive a Razer Goliathus

To make suggestions to the system or report bugs, please visit the suggestion thread

Please play as many matches as you like, the test league will be converted into the real 2vs2 league once the testing phase is over so the matches you play will not be lost!