Posted by ESH-Adam on 20:42:39 14th July 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Last night we saw Reason take on Buttonbashers and with Reason reaching the grand final unbeaten taking out teams such as Teams such as H2k and Team Coolermaster. While Buttonbashers had to make there way from the lower brackets after being knocked out of the upper bracket final by their opponents in this game, Reason gaming . So Buttonbashers had to win two maps to actually Win the prize of 5 Steelseries Ikari Mice. When the game kicked off we saw a close first map with Buttonbashers coming out on top on Crash while Reason gaming where just to strong on Strikes, the one and only map Reason needed to win the tournament.

For a more detailed recap, you can read the match report below that I wrote as the game was unfolding last night:

So we will jump into the game with Reason starting on Defense and ButtonBashers on the Attack.

With reason getting 2 early frags with bb replying with 3 frags on reason to put bb in a strong position moving in on the A bombsite, Buttonbashers plant the bomb with kammyz and revoltz being taken down and Buttonbashers take the first round. Reason 0-1 Buttonbashers.

In round three we see the set nades coming out but no one being lost in this exchange, then followed each teams loosing two players and then qwerty takes down kammyz in the scope battle and reason take the round by shutting down the last three players in quick motion. Reason pick up there first round. Reason 1-2 Buttonbashers.

Buttonbashers lose a man early and then lose two from the scope of kammyz and nero finds himself alone on a and finds a reason player there as well Reason 3-3 Buttonbashers.

Both reason and buttonbashers trade kills all the way to a 2on3 and then buttonbashers shut the round down with the frags of the last two player .Reason 5-5 ButtonBashers.

As we reach half time both teams are held in a deadlock with it finishing 6-6 and Buttonbashers now find themselves on the defensive side. With reason taking the first round of the second half kammyz finds himself alone against three and Buttonbashers decide to help Reason by TKing one of their own players and it comes down to kammyz vs lking and lking ends the round with the scores equalling out. Reason 7-7 Buttonbashers.

Over the next two rounds a round goes either way and does this all the way til Reason 9-9 Buttonbashers. Then Button bashers takes the next three round making it reason 12-9 with Buttonbashers storming the 21 round. Reason win the next two taking the game from 9-12 to Reason 11-12 Buttonbasher. Buttonbashers storm the last round and take Crash and will take the map, and Strike will be the next map to be played.

So we go to a second map which will be mp_strike. With crash being such a close game I must say that if Strike is as close we are in for another great map.

Strikes starts of with reason storming the first 4 rounds on defence with no reply from Buttonbashers and if BB don’t sort this out quickly Reason will win this game very quick. Buttonbashers take the next round but then reason take the following two rounds and Reason find themselves 7-1 up. Soon this turns into a 9-3 lead going into the end of the first half, with BB having all the work to do defending on this fairly balanced map.

Kammyz starts the second half with a 17-8 score being the top player for Reason helping them to take the first round and all of a sudden Reason are in a very strong position. But over the next few rounds Buttonbashers fight back and find themselves still in a hard position with themselves 6-10 down, but not at least a bit closer than it was.

The next few rounds saw them exchanging a round each, to give Reason that so important 11th round, now only two away from victory. This happens again and soon Reason find themselves at game point at 8-12 and in the 21st round Reason take the whole of BB down in a very short time and win the game. Reason win 8-13.

I would like to put a big thank you the guys a gamesports for covering the game for us , and I am looking forward to the future event at Esportsheaven.

Posted by dfb on 12:11:24 13th July 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Tonight we will see the final of the first Steelseries Cup here on Esportsheaven. Reason Gaming have managed to stay unbeaten and will face Buttonbashers once more in the Grand Final after defeating them 13-7 in the Winnersbracket Final.

At 21:00 CET the battlegrounds will open up one more time for these two top teams as they will fight for glory on mp_crash and possibly also mp_strike. Can the infamous Buttonbashers come from behind and snatch the win away? Stay tuned for more action right here at Esportsheaven.

Posted by Corin on 18:20:03 8th July 2009 CEST
News: COD4

With the launch of Esports Heaven, the very first SteelSeries Cup has also been announced, with eight of the best teams from around Europe participating in Call of Duty 4.

The cup, which takes place over the 12th and 13th of July, features top names such as Button Bashers and Team Coolermaster, and will be the first event to take place on Esports Heaven.

“We’re very excited to launch this partnership between SteelSeries and Esports Heaven” said Adam Godfrey, Heaven Media business development. “They are the world leaders when it comes to the development and production of hardware for gamers, and it’s great to have them sponsoring our first official event on Esports Heaven.”

The following 8 teams will be competing:

Team CoolerMaster
Button Bashers
H2K Gaming
NCS Gaming

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