Posted by Els on 12:07:37 30th September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Because there are some big tournaments coming up on Esports Heaven we are looking for dedicated admins to expand the Call of Duty 4 crew.

Your task will be to run the tournaments smoothly. This requires the following qualities:

- In depth knowledge of Call of Duty 4 and its community
- Good knowledge of the English language
- Must be up-to-date with the game at any time
- In use of IRC
- Admin experience
- Ability to cooperate with other admins
- Representative attitude towards sponsors, users, admins, etc.

In order to apply send an e-mail to including:

- Name
- Nickname
- Email address
- Age
- Country
- History in CoD4
- History as admin
- Other relevant experience regarding the gaming scene
- How much time you can spend on ESH per week
- Why you want to be a part of ESH
- What makes you the best candidate

The sign ups close at the 7th of October.

Posted by   Freekje on 19:20:47 21st September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The Sapphire COD4 cup finished yesterday with a killer overtime in the Grand Finals.

Last night, we started with Esuba vs Infused in the final of the Winners Bracket. After a long and close fight Esbua managed to get the victory with 2 maps to 1.

Infused then proceeded to the Lower Bracket Finals where they met Speedlink. Here it was Infused who managed to get 2-1 map victory.

Infused then faced Esuba again in the Grand Final.
The cup ended with an amazing 31-27 score ( that's a whooping 6 overtimes! ) in favour of Esuba making them the winners of this cup.

We would like to thank all participating teams for their interest and we would also like to thank Sapphire especially, who sponsored the event with five ATI Radeon 4850 512MB graphics cards.

Posted by Els on 11:03:22 15th September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The tournament is kicking of tonight with the first round of the bracket starting at 19:00 CET.

The brackets are online and can be found here.

Be sure you read the cuprules here

SAPPHIRE is sponsoring this tournament with five ATI Radeon 4850 512MB graphics cards, providing the kind of graphical power any gamers wants in their gaming rig.

Posted by Els on 16:05:52 8th September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The first September Madness cup finished last Sunday. The cup had 5 Fatal1ty 4gb memory units on stack sponsored by OCZ.

64 teams started last Tuesday and we finished with just 1 winner, OldBoot. The cup ran smoothly with of course a few obstacles but they were fixed easily. The admins are really grateful to see so many teams being eager to play for this great prize by OCZ.

Statement by Steven 'dfb' Leunens
''I'm happy to see the community likes the events wepresent and I would like to congratulate not only the winners but all the participants of this first tournament. I'm looking forward to see more exciting matches on ESH!''

The cup had some big names as OldBoot (Team Coolermaster mix), eSuba, nYena Vent (CoD4 Community Mix), and a mix team from Team Dignitas. But we also saw a few less known teams coming far.
This shows the Esports Heaven cups are open for everyone!

We therefore want to invite everyone to the next September Madness CoD4 cup powered by Sapphire.

Sign up here

Posted by Els on 14:54:13 1st September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Tonight the first September Madness cup starts for Call of Duty 4. 64 teams will battle in a Double Elimination system for Five Fatal1ty 4gb memory units sponsored by OCZ.

All teams selected for the cup should be on our IRC channel #esportsheaven tonight. Please agree on a server for your matches. The first round starts at 19:00CET.

[b]Schedule + Maplist[/b]

[u]Tuesday September 1st[/u]
19:00 CET - UB Round 1 - Backlot
20:00 CET - UB Round 2 - Crash
20:00 CET - LB Round 1 - Crash
21:00 CET - UB Round 3 - Crossfire
21:00 CET - LB Round 2 - Crossfire
22:00 CET - LB Round 3 - District
23:00 CET - LB Round 4 - Strike

[u]Thursday September 3rd[/u]
19:00 CET - UB Round 4 - District
19:00 CET - LB Round 5 - Backlot
20:00 CET - UB Round 5 - Strike
20:00 CET - LB Round 6 - Crash
21:00 CET - LB Round 7 - Crossfire
22:00 CET - LB Round 8 - District
23:00 CET - LB Round 9 - Strike

[u]Sunday September 6th[/u]
20:00 CET - UB Final - Backlot / Strike (Crash to decide)
21:00 CET - LB Final - Backlot / Strike (Crash to decide)
22:00 CET - Grand Final - Backlot / Strike (Crash to decide)

For the brackets click [b][url=]here[/url][/b]
For the cup rules click [b][url=]here[/url][/b]

[i]This tournament is powered by OCZ Technology[/i]


Posted by   Freekje on 16:10:18 8th August 2009 CEST
News: COD4

After an eventful night the second Call of Duty 4 One Night Cup comes to an end.
After splitting up the 64 teams in a 32 and a 16 team cup we went underway and at the end we had 2 winners standing.

For the #2 cup we had Netherlands tM fighting it out with Italy Mercs and for the #2.5 cup we had a Hungarian battle between Hungary Skylon and Hungary WiLD.

In the end Netherlands tM and Hungary WiLD tM came out of on top with a 13-11 win and unfortunatly there has been a defaultwin for the hungarian side of WiLD.
The winners :
Netherlands tM:



Hungary WiLD Multi Gaming:

Congratulations both & cu next time !

Posted by Els on 00:56:52 7th August 2009 CEST
News: COD4

To solve all misunderstandings here a extensive summary of what Anti Cheat information to enter and how.

Esports Heaven uses 2 Anti Cheat systems for Call of Duty 4. The first is the normal CoD4 Punkbuster GUID.

How do I find this Punkbuster GUID ID?
Step 1: Join a Punkbuster enabled CoD4 server.
Step 2: Open your console window.
Step 3: Typ /pb_myguid for the full GUID ID. Or type /pb_list for the last 8 digits of your GUID ID. Only those last 8 digits are needed for registration.
Step 4: Your GUID ID will show up on your screen. Make a screenshot of this or write it down.

Where do I enter it?
Step 1: Go here and enter the 8 digits in the Call of Duty 4 box.

*update: we decided to remove the XRay anti cheat to keep it easier for everyone. We trust on Punkbuster*

Now you are ready to play! Hopefully it is clear for everyone now, otherwise just ask on IRC or post a comment.
2nd CoD4 One Night Cup (11 comments)

Posted by Els on 08:34:26 6th August 2009 CEST
News: COD4

On Friday Esports Heaven Els and Davjie will bring you the second One Night Cup for Call of Duty 4.

The first one was a big success with 64 teams, and we are trying to do this again!
The cup runs a single elimination system, so losing a match will drop you out of the tournament.

Cup: Call of Duty 4 One Night Cup #2
Date: Friday, August 7 2009
Starting Time: 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET
Slots: 64
Team size: 5v5

How to register?
- Login to Esports Heaven
- Create a Clan by clicking 'My Clans' on your right sided panel
- Within this Clan please create a Squad
- Let all players join your Clan, and then also add them to the Squad
- Be sure every player entered his/her GUID. This can be done here
Enter the 8 last digits of your GUID.
Also enter your XAC id.
Example can be found here

Be sure you read the cup rules here. Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking the rules!

Well everything is said by now. If you completed all the above steps they you can sign up by clicking here

For questions please contact us in #EsportsHeaven


Italy davjie and Netherlands Els

Posted by Els on 03:21:45 4th August 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The first Call of Duty 4 One Night Cup comes to an end. 64 teams participated in a single elimination tournament, and there was just 1 winner, Brothers in Arms.

The cup took a lot of interest with therefore, increasing the amount of team from 32 to 64. 64 teams fought for the title, the final was between nGize and Brothers in Arms.
The final was played bo3 with BiA winning the first map (backlot) 13-10. nGize took Strike with 13-10 and therefore a 3rd map had to be played (crash). Also this map was exiting but BiA took it in the end with a 13-11 score.

United Kingdom choobie
Ireland duffer
United Kingdom blackmane
United Kingdom nreo
Sweden kye
Belgium delroo

Congrats to BiA for winning this cup!

Posted by dfb on 09:45:15 3rd August 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Tonight we will host a 32 teams One Night Cup for the Call of Duty 4 community to further test the website. 32 teams can battle it out on the virtual playground for glory and honour. All you have to do is sign up, make a team and have your teammates join in. This cup will be run by dfb and our newly joined COD4 community admin Els from Buttonbashers (welcome Els!).

You can apply for this tournament right here: Tournament Website

If you have any questions #esportsheaven is the channel to be.

Feedback is also very important so feel free to leave us a message in the forums on what you think can be improved on the website :)

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