Posted by tomzki on 17:26:58 15th November 2009 CET
News: COD4

Shortly after the announcement we received more join requests than expected. The cup is now full and will kick off on 23/11/09. The tournament was planned for 64 teams however after much interest from the community we have decided to increase it to 128 teams.

As said, the cup is now full and the schedule has changed due to various different teams currently at i38, schedule below.

Monday 23rd of November: Match day 1
128 --> 64
64 --> 32
32 --> 16

Wednesday 25th of November: Match day 2
16 --> 8
8 --> 4

Sunday 29th of November: Finals
4 --> 2
2 --> 1

We apologise for any inconvenience or delay on the update.

Posted by dfb on 14:36:41 6th November 2009 CET
News: COD4

Welcome to the Razer Challenge, a new and exciting tournament brought to you by Razer. The Razer Challenge is a €500 tournament in Call of Duty 4 and will feature the best teams and players that Call of Duty has to offer.

Friday 6th of November: Announcement

Monday 16th of November: match day 1
64 --> 32
32 --> 16

Wednesday 18th of November: match day 2
16 --> 8
8 --> 4

Sunday 22nd of November: finals
4 --> 2
2 --> 1


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Posted by Els on 13:32:57 20th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

Yesterday we saw the final in the Raptor Rage cup. The battle was for 5 RAPTOR-GAMING M3 Platinum Gaming Mices.

The cup started of with 64 teams in a double elimination system.

The battle over 3 days was eventually won by Czech Republic eSuba who beaten Netherlands TLR in the final with 2 maps to 0. With this award they win 2 prizes out of 3 finals. Earlier they won the September Madness Sapphire COD4 Cup and lost in the final against United Kingdom OldBooth in the September Madness OCZ COD4 Cup.

Despite the removal of Skandinavia zerohero, due to playing with banned players, we can look back on another successful EsportsHeaven cup.

Congratulations to eSuba and a big thank you to Raptor for the great prizes.

We hope to see you back at the next event.

Posted by davjie on 16:00:02 18th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

After their match against zH, team imperial reported to us that they had some doubts about zH.diego, thinking he was infact player which is already banned on After a couple of checks in their roster we spotted player zH.alexzan which is also banned on and we removed him from the cup, but couldn't do any thing about diego.

Today i got a message while chatting on irc from a Clanbase admin which showed me that link
As you can all see the link of is showing player zH.diego being banned for Aimbot just before the bracket matches of Raptor Rage Cod4 cup.

Since we just cannot reverse all zH matches we decided to reverse the zH vs imperial match, since they were the ones reporting us that something was strange. Now team imperial will play their match against team dreamrar at 18:00 CET so we can continue our cup at 19 CET without delay.

We really hope this is the last case about cheating during EsportsHeaven cups, firstly because it's totally wrong to cheat in online gaming, secondly because it's even worse when there are prizes to win and even because you should understand that we will find out if you did cheat and you will be banned from all of our future cups too.

EsportsHeaven Staff.

Posted by davjie on 22:59:46 13th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The match started on citystreets, moOse home map, with the swedish winning the knife and picking attack; it was a very exiting first half with teams exchanging rounds and finishing with a tight 6-6.

The second half started like the first ended but after the 4th round ROX couldn't find a way to overtake moOse defense; the swedish guys gained lots of confidence after a couple of win rounds and that made them unstoppable till the end of the map. Citystreets finished 13-9 for moOse.

Coming from the loser bracket moOse now knew they could even win the match since the overall score of maps was even.

ROX had a really different idea and we all realized that after the 5th round, where with a 3-2 lead they started to win round after round, finishig the first half 7-5 for them. During the second half the swedish side of moOse tryed different tactics for stopping the russian attack but everything they tryed just didn't worked and ROX win the map 13-10 and the whole tourney.

We would like to thank all the teams for their interest and we would also like to thank Alienware, who sponsored the event with a £500 cash prize!

ESH Staff.

Posted by Els on 15:35:33 11th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

As there are only 64 slots in this tournament, ESH will run a qualification round to give more teams the chance to get in.
80 teams have been approved to play in this cup but there is only space for 64. 48 teams got invited directly into the tournament. This are the teams that got a high seeding and the teams that signed up first. The other 32 teams will play a qualifier to get into the tournament. So 16 of those teams get into the final tournament.

Direct Invites (ordered by country) +

Qualifiers +

UPDATE! Teams participating in the qualifier now have until Wednesday 14th October 18:30 CET on a bo3 (Backlot/Strike, Crash to decide). The first round of the 64 teams bracket starts on the same day (Wednesday) at 19:00 CET.

The brackets will be online after the qualifiers have been played. The matches can be found below.

Brackets +

[url=]Announcing Raptor Rage[/url]

Posted by davjie on 20:15:04 7th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

After the match against starlike, the dutch team TLR started questioning their opponents assuming they were cheating during the match.

Esportsheaven CoD4 Staff checked demos from team starlike and it has been decided to remove them from the play-offs and to ban the team from the next ESH Cups as they've been caught cheating during their match against TheLastResort.

We are really sad about that but cheating in a cup where there are prizes is something we cannot let go without punishment. We replaced starlike team with TLR as they were the 2nd team of their group.

EsportsHeaven Staff.

Posted by Els on 15:15:14 7th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The group stage of the Alienware M15x CoD4 Tournament is over and the play off schedule is now online.

Check the bracket here


October 8
19:30 CET - Upper Bracket Round 1 - Backlot
20:30 CET - Upper Bracket Round 2 - Crash
20:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 1 - Crash
21:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 2 - Crossfire
22:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 3 - Citystreets

October 10
19:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 4 - Strike
20:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 5 - Backlot
21:30 CET - Upper Bracket Round 3 - Crossfire
21:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 6 - Crash
22:30 CET - Upper Bracket Round 4 - Citystreets

October 11

19:30 CET - Lower Bracket Round 7 - Crossfire
20:30 CET - Upper Bracket Final - Backlot/Strike (Crash to decide)
21:30 CET - Lower Bracket Final - Backlot/Strike (Crash to decide)
22:30 CET - Grand Final - Backlot/Strike (Crash to decide)

Don't forget to enter your Alienware M15x CoD4 Tournament Prediction! You can enter them by clicking here

We wish everyone good luck in the battle for £ 500!

Posted by dfb on 11:13:07 7th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

With some exciting matches taking place yesterday the group stages of the Alienware Invasion are now over. Nearly 128 teams (an absolute record for Esports Heaven) participated but only 32 could advance.

We will be making the playoff brackets for you today so check back later to see which team you are facing.

On that note, don't forget to fill out your predictions for all the Counter-Strike Source matches (their playoff bracket is already live) and check back later to do the same for the Call of Duty 4 playoffs. Remember you can get kitted out by Alienware and Team Dignitas and besides a full Dignitas outfit you have the chance to win a fantastic Alienware M15x laptop.

Posted by Els on 01:35:32 6th October 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The groups for the Alienware Invasion M15x CoD4 cup are online.

First we seeded 32 teams in the high pool. They are spread over the 32 groups. The other teams filled up those groups.

From all groups 1 team continues to the playoffs.
So in the next round we have 32 teams.

Matches will be played at Tuesday October 6, 2009.

Round 1: 20:00 CET / Backlot
Round 2: 21:00 CET / Crash
Round 3: 22:00 CET / Strike

Please contact your opponent to agree on a server.

The groups can be found here

Good luck to everyone in the £ 500,- Alienware M15x Tournament!

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