BN VS Rize (17 comments)
01:38:29 9th March 2015 CET
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Hungary Tardos on 21:45:37 8th March 2015 CET

Hy Rize!

We wait our enemy DZ/BN but they already in game..
If we will win, and we go to final, can we go play our matchs on the next week?
Maybe Monday at 7pm?


Germany ler on 21:47:52 8th March 2015 CET

sorry we cant reschedule, we have a lot of other officals during the next week :)

Hungary Tardos on 21:50:20 8th March 2015 CET

K, i think if we will win, we can start only around at 00.00 :D (CET) :)

Germany ler on 21:51:58 8th March 2015 CET

Any Admin reading this? If so please respond.
We need a solution :)

Hungary Tardos on 21:54:20 8th March 2015 CET

IF i said IF :D we win, can we find an other time, when we can play our finals matchs?

  United Kingdom Damage on 21:55:02 8th March 2015 CET

Will make a decision based on the results ;)

Germany ler on 21:56:12 8th March 2015 CET

lobby up
pw: rizerize
we will wait until you are done so we can get the finals played today :)
Take your time.

  United Kingdom Damage on 21:56:18 8th March 2015 CET

As a note, there have been issues with the Luxembourg servers, should an issue arise with a faulty / laggy instance please either restart the game into a new instance or switch the server (Stockholm or alternative).



Hungary Tardos on 21:58:13 8th March 2015 CET

So what we can do? just wait more 3 hours? omg.

Germany ler on 22:10:05 8th March 2015 CET

what happened with that outstanding game btw? it should have been played 2 hours ago?

  United Kingdom Damage on 22:39:34 8th March 2015 CET

Can you add me to Skype ler - adam.multiplay - thanks ;)

Russia grandique on 22:43:46 8th March 2015 CET

password 951
come and join

  United Kingdom Damage on 22:44:04 8th March 2015 CET

They are joining now ler ;) GL and HF in the final. Apologies for the delays! There was an issue in the first game and the second game was 1.2 hours long!

Russia Drix_wow on 22:52:25 8th March 2015 CET

where are u?

Germany ler on 22:53:47 8th March 2015 CET


  United Kingdom Damage on 23:06:57 8th March 2015 CET

If the winner could please Private Message me their email address and I will send over the winners form ;)

Germany ler on 01:29:29 9th March 2015 CET

Rize won 2-0
Ill pm you right now for the email :)