About Esports Heaven
About Esports Heaven

Esports Heaven is a new service by Heaven Media Group and offers high quality tournaments, cups and leagues. Participants from all over the world will be able to compete at the highest level in games such as Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty, Quake Live and many more.

To ensure the highest level of competition possible, eSports Heaven teams up with premium partners in the IT and games industry to guarantee high quality hardware prizes and cash prize purses.

Esports Heaven will offer gaming communities the world over the chance to compete alongside the best of the best from their game in a friendly and well organised environment.

About Heaven Media Group

Heaven Media Group is a publisher of leading websites for enthusiast PC hardware, gaming and eSports. Heaven Media's portfolio consists of some of the biggest names in the industry including Driverheaven.net, Gamingheaven.net, Cadred.org, Crossfire.nu and TEK-9.org. Combined, Heaven Media presents one of the world's largest online communities based around PC and console gaming.

Over 1.6 million unique users and 20 million page views per month currently contribute to Heaven Media's success. More than a quarter of a million registered users contribute regularly to a collection of vibrant online communities. Heaven Media is one of the only publishers to cover all major eSport events live and regularly provides expertise to Sky and Eurosport.